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Leadership Development Programs

ICMA University invites you to discover a range of leadership development programs for every level of your career.

Take Your Career to the Highest Levels with ICMA University Leadership Development Programs

If you're ready for personal change...if you're ready to assume senior leadership and take the lead, if you are senior leadership and looking to recharge your career, ICMA University invites you to discover a range of leadership development programs for every level of your career.

These programs offer participants interactive learning, superlative instructors, networking with colleagues, and engaging discussions of key management and leadership issues. Participants will enhance their leadership and management skills while forming a collegial learning community with their peers. Enrollment in these programs is limited to provide a small group learning community of future leaders.

Local Government Management Fellowship  

A highly competitive career-development opportunity, the LGMF program is for recent MPA/MPP graduates looking for their first job in local government management.  Fellows are selected through a competitive process and placed in one- and two-year full-time management-track local government positions, shaped by direct mentorship under senior government leaders and rotational assignments.  Positions are limited annually based on the number of host governments available to fund positions.  This is an annual fellowship program with a fall application process for spring/summer placement.

Emerging professionals leadership institute  

This institute is being presented as a special two day offering to early career professionals and emerging leaders on the Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning preceding the ICMA Summits in the Southeast, Northeast, Midwest and Mountain Plains, and West Coast Regions. Content includes adding meaning and value to data through story with Felicia Logan, a discussion with Bob O’Neill and a session on life balance in a 24/7 work world. Managers, you are encouraged to invite your young professionals to attend this leadership institute. Emerging Professionals Leadership Institutes are designed for early career professionals and emerging leaders who may have MPA degrees but who may not be ICMA members or who may be working in the organization in their first job. This includes Assistants to and Assistant Managers. For program information, contact Felicia Logan, director of Leadership Development, e-mail:

Emerging Leaders Development Program  

Two-year Emerging Leaders Development Program (ELDP) featuring completion of the ICMA Essential Management Skills Certificate, a credentialed manager to serve as a career coach for two years, and Management Application Project participants design to demonstrate what they have learned. Open to those who are new to the local government profession or within their first seven years of local government work.

Mid career managers institute 

The Mid-Career Manager Institute’s (MCM) overall objective is to enhance and develop participants’ leadership abilities and effectiveness. This is accomplished by providing: broader understanding of their responsibilities as leaders; perspective on some of the critical leadership and management issues facing mid-career managers; and understanding and awareness of concepts and techniques relevant to local government management.

Leadership ICMA  

Leadership ICMA is an intensive two-year program designed for early and mid-career members (aspiring Credentialed Managers) who have at least three years of management experience in local government or a related field to cultivate key leadership competencies needed for success at all levels of local government management. Year two culminates in the completion of a peer assistance project designed to apply what has been learned.


LG 101 is a five-course (15-session) online certificate program, featuring completion of the ICMA Professional Certificate in Local Government Management. This interactive program goes back to the basics – grounding local government professionals in those key skills and practices that are the foundation of becoming an effective local government manager. Taught by experienced managers and local government experts, this certificate program is designed to impart real-life experience, best practices, and sound advice in the areas most important to a manager’s day-to-day role.

Midwest leadership institute 

The Midwest Leadership Institute is an intensive four-and-a-half day program designed to address the challenges facing local government professionals. Participants have an opportunity to discuss many of the most challenging interpersonal leadership challenges facing local government management professionals today with two experienced local government professionals and two organizational psychiatrists who have served the profession for over 40 years. Participants will be exposed to concepts needed to thrive in an increasingly complex world with multiple personalities, competing self-interests, questionable ethics and the prominence of the information age. Sound judgment, an important concept of the Institute, will help guard against blind pathology and acting without the proper analysis.  Organizational and individual performance issues will be discussed and dissected with suggested strategies for addressing a myriad of issues.

Voluntary Credentialing Program 

The ICMA Voluntary Credentialing Program is a means of defining and recognizing an individual ICMA member who is a professional local government manager qualified by a combination of education and experience, adherence to high standards of integrity, and an assessed commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. Managers are recognized by ICMA through a peer review credentialing process, and this self-directed program offers an opportunity for interested ICMA members to quantify the unique expertise they bring to their communities.

Legacy Leaders  

The Legacy Leaders program honors credentialed managers who coach the next generation and support their professional development and membership in ICMA. Become a Legacy Leader by sponsoring a member of MCMI, Leadership ICMA, ELDP, or by bringing a new member to ICMA.


Additional Development Programs for Credentialed Managers and other senior managers:

ICMA Gettysburg Leadership Institute  

Gettysburg Hotel & Battlefield, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Each April or May, the highly-rated ICMA Gettysburg Leadership Institute is held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, starting with dinner on Wednesday night and ending on Friday evening. Participants stay at the historic Gettysburg Hotel. The program is limited to 30 local government executives--with special consideration given to ICMA Credentialed Managers and Candidates--who meet to study the leadership lessons of Gettysburg and join colleagues in an exploration of personal leadership, organizational effectiveness, disaster management, and the lessons of history. Much of the program takes place on the battlefield itself. 


The Brick House, Williamsburg, Virginia

Each November, local government executives gather in the Revolutionary City to become a citizen of Colonial Williamsburg and engage for three days in a highly interactive leadership study that contrasts the core values of the founding fathers (who maintained continuity of purpose during times of civil unrest and social upheaval) with today’s turbulent times. The program is limited to 25, with special consideration given to ICMA Credentialed Managers and Candidates.

Leadership lessons begin as you talk with fellow citizen Thomas Jefferson, and continue with first-hand experiences, including time in George Wythe’s classroom, of the political and cultural unrest as our nation was formed.

ICMA SEI Leadership Institute   

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

Each April or May, the ICMA SEI Leadership Institute is held at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. The program is limited to 21 senior managers, with special consideration given to ICMA Credentialed Managers and Candidates. This institute offers seven days of intensive, interactive learning alongside 15 members of the "next-gen" Leadership ICMA class. The curriculum, designed by the faculty at UVA's Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service and Felicia Logan, ICMA's Director of Leadership Development, is varied. The faculty is well grounded in the needs and concerns of the top local government executive. You will have ample opportunity to hone skills and test strategies that can help you build a high performance organization. This special Senior Executive Institute "super session" is a unique opportunity for you to experience the core of the regular two week SEI program packed into seven days.

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