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ICMA International / Where We Work / Overview

Regions & Countries

Africa & the Middle East

Throughout Africa, municipal governments increasingly need to provide essential services that are no longer provided by the national government. Government at the municipal level provides opportunities for heightened economic growth and development, and as a result, African cities are fast becoming major players in the overall governing process. Read more...


Politically, economically, and culturally diverse, the wider Asia region accounts for more than half of the world’s population and a growing share of the world’s GNP; Asia has emerged as an important player in the global economy. In many parts of the region, major trends are pushing toward openness and accountability, decentralization, democracy of local governments, and globalization. Read more...

Europe & Central Asia

The Europe and Central Asia region spans an immense geographic area, and the countries in the region are diverse, with widely varying political, social, and economic traditions and environments.  Democratic systems are developing in many of these countries, and responsibilities are devolving to the local level, although at different paces. Read more...

Latin America & the Caribbean

ICMA has worked in nearly every country in Latin America to build strong, responsive institutions and boost effective citizen participation at the local level. Our activities began in 1990, when we embarked on a municipal development project involving 22 cities in Honduras . Read more...

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