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Coaching Program Webinars

Use the live webinars or digital recordings as opportunities to learn about best practices. The live webinars have engaging interactive polling and Q&A experiences. Invite your team to attend so that you develop a cadre of knowledgeable and motivated people to discuss and implement the ideas.

2017 Coaching Webinars

Past 2017 Coaching Webinars (available in the Archives)

  • Attracting and Retaining a Dynamic Workforce, (broadcast March 29) 
  • Being a Great Coach and a Winning Player in Your Organization, (broadcast April 19)

Missed a webinar?  Watch it anytime.  High quality video recordings are available for these and other webinars. Click here for the Agendas & Archives.  The Agendas include a PDF of the presentation materials which you can download or print with your browser controls.  The videos are now in mp4 format, and you can click on full screen for personal or group viewing and discussion.

Webinars qualify for ICMA Credentialing Program credit. The six webinars in 2017 address 12 of the 18 ICMA practice areas. Each webinar registration link notes the relevant practices. 


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Notes About the Webinars

a) Serving broad audiences: Each webinar offers value for up and comers, mid-managers, and senior managers.

b) Welcoming your suggestions for outstanding presenters: We invite your suggestions for presenters. Typically, each webinar includes engaging presentations from three leaders in the field sharing a diversity of perspectives, best practices, and concrete resources.

c) Supporting individual and organizational success: We encourage organizations to form groups to attend the webinars (live or recorded). The agenda for each webinar includes suggested post-webinar discussion questions.

d) Providing detailed Agendas for each webinar (including specific topics and presenters): These are available two weeks in advance of each webinar. You'll find them at the Agendas & Archives page.

e) Registering in advance for each webinar: Each webinar requires its own advance registration. Notices with agenda information and registration details become available two weeks in advance of each webinar. The easiest way to receive notices automatically is through the complimentary email list. Sign up here

Is your state a partner?

The webinars are open to all persons interested in local government. We're grateful for the  ICMA State Association Coaching Partners who aid in identifying the topics and presenters. We encourage more state associations to become partners. 

do you have questions or suggestions? 

Questions or suggestions? Please Contact Don Maruska, MBA, JD, Master Certified Coach, Director of the ICMA Coaching Program,  

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