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Members in Transition

When a manager or assistant manager is fired, forced to resign or otherwise involuntarily separated from local government service, ICMA provides an array of personal and financial support.

In Transition?

On a personal level.

ICMA provides access to support services from ICMA leadership, senior management staff, Senior Advisors, and other members. Members are given the opportunity to have their names listed as “in transition” in Leadership Matters (member edition) and at" Their colleagues are encouraged to respond individually with advice and support. Colleagues should also keep in mind that members in transition are wonderful resources for short-term and interim assignments. In addition, each member in transition receives access to special articles and other publications designed to address common concerns during this difficult time. Click here for one example, a Colorado manual for managers in transition. Networking opportunities within the MIT community are provided through periodic conference calls and an in-person meeting at the ICMA conference. 

On a financial level.

ICMA waives dues payments in six-month increments for up to three years. To facilitate networking with their fellow managers and to promote professional development while in transition, the registration fees for the Annual Conference and for one 90-minute ICMA University webinar per month are waived. Members in transition are also given the opportunity to compete for a travel and lodging assistance scholarship. (For those who still cannot attend the Annual Conference, archived virtual conference materials are provided free of charge after the event.) 

Want to support a colleague in transition?

First and foremost, reach out to your colleagues in transition with advice and support! Also, consider members in transition for short-term and interim assignments in your community. 

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