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Cal-ICMA Committees

Five standing committees currently work to address a range of issues for Cal-ICMA

The Cal-ICMA Bylaws indicate that the organization will maintain standing committees from year-to-year. Additionally, Cal-ICMA may establish and dissolve task forces, as it deems necessary.  Every effort is made to appoint committee and task force chairs who are not members of the Board.  Committee members’ terms begin October 1 of each year and end September 30.

Standing Committees

  • Education & Professional Development Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Nominations, Governance, & Membership Committee
  • Preparing the Next Generation Committee
  • Senior/Encore Manager Committee

International city/County Management Association

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  • 800-745-8780/202-962-3680
  • Fax: 202-962-3500
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